Water damage to your home can be very costly! Homeowners in Australia spend millions of dollars each year repairing issues caused by water damage, many of which could have been prevented with a properly working gutter system.

While breaks and leaks in the gutters may be the cause, water can also escape from a build-up of leaves and sticks from surrounding trees. Installing a gutter guard is a simple way to stop obstructions entering your gutters and keeping water flowing freely.

The installation of a high quality gutter guard is not an expense, but an investment in the future security of your home. Gutter guards are designed to keep water in and sticks and leaves out, helping to prevent the following:

  • Erosion to foundation, paint and walls- If water has eroded your walls and paint job, it can be extremely costly to get these fixed by professional tradesmen. If you have found water has damaged your foundation, you could be spending thousands on replacing pillars, cracks in your walls caused by uneven surfaces or more.
  • Mould settling in your walls- Mould can cause a variety of health issues to occupants and can cost a fair bit of money to remove.
  • Termite infestations and other pests- Termites and other pests love damp hiding places! If water has made its way into your walls it can make the perfect habitat for nasty pests. Termite infestations can be excessively costly, not just in extermination fees, but also in the damage to the woodwork in your home.
  • Sparks from fires setting light to your rooftop- Bushfires are a very real threat in Australia and sparks have been known to jump hundreds of metres. Dry leaves in your gutters can act as kindling for sparks, leaving your house vulnerable in the event of a bushfire.

Living in an area with trees around your property, the gutters of your home can easily be clogged with leaves and sticks, creating these problems. You could spend time clearing the leaves yourself or money hiring a professional to do it, but if the problem is ignored you could be faced with any of the above issues.

Installing a gutter guard may have a high initial cost, but with little maintenance once installed and water flowing easily through your gutters once again, you will see the value of the initial investment.

So call a professional gutter guard installer for a quote and take the first step in investing in your property.